Streaked grey-blue chalcedony cylinder seal: engraved; supernatural creatures with symbols. Two indentical double-winged bull-men stand opposite each other with torsos presented frontally; their beards are long, round-tipped on the left and pointed on the right; their heads or headgears are dome-shaped, marked by concentric arcs, with the hair beneath in full page-boy style; they each have four wings: the longer lower wings, with two ridges, overlap the shorter upper ones, with the feathers singled out along the lower edge and splaying out at the tips; the pendulous pectorals, abdominal, haunch and limb muscles are defined to the point of exaggeration with the ribs marked by horizontal lines; the tufted tails hang down. The bull-men raise their arms with the hands spread out to support the winged bust (of Ahuramazda?) above them, while between them is the encircled bust (of a king or deity?). The busts both facing right, are identical, with long pointed beards, page-boy hairstyles, wearing low polos headdresses and dressed in Persian robes (only the upper parts visible); they each have a hand raised in prayer-like position; the long wings of the upper symbol are the same as the lower wings of the bull-men, with two rows of feathers for the tail; the enclosing circle is an extended crescent. The group stands on a ground line. The seal has slightly worn edges with one chip on the surface.

An00022035 001 l

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