A figure of the Buddha, in grey schist, seated on a lion throne in bhumisparsa mudra (earth-touching posture) and surrounded by the Eight Great Events from his life. Clockwise from the bottom left: 1. the Birth of the Siddhartha (Queen Maya under a Sal tree), 2. the Miracle at Sravasti (one confounded heretic below the throne represents the original six), 3. the Buddha descends from the Heaven of the Thirty-three Gods under an umbrella and flanked by Indra and Brahma, 4. The Death of the Buddha (mahaparinirvana), 5. the Buddha tames the elephant Nalagiri at Rajgir, 6. the First Sermon of the Buddha on a throne above a dharmacakra flanked by a pair of deer, 7. a seated Buddha receives a bowl of honey from a monkey, 8. the large central seated figure represents the Enlightenment of the Buddha.

An00014356 001 l


Diamond Throne
Made Of
Type of Thing
Exhibition History
Exhibited: Until 2011, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Sculpture from South Asia, LT Loan
mammal, deity


Found In
India, east
Made In
India, East


Acquired In
Related Event
Life of the Buddha

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