Votive plaque with a photograph of an image. Votive hanging. The main section is a photograph of a statue of the Bodhisattva Maitreya, the future Buddha, inside a blue mountboard and thin gold-colored frame made of plastic. On the mountboard is a Thai text in gold-colored letters. On the back of the plaque is a line of text and a yantra (magic diagram), both with Khom letters. Attached at the upper edge of the frame with a small metal ring is a red diamond-shaped plastic chip with a wish for happiness in Thai. A nylon suspension cord is attached to the chip. Attached at the lower edge of the gold frame with a small metal ring is a metal bell, the clapper of which is adorned with a red nylon string tassel.


Acquired From
Skilling, Peter to The British Museum


Wat Lai
Made In
Thailand, central


Acquired In

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