Offering vessel, 'hsun ok'. The decoration is a 'tour de force' of the 'hmanzi shwe cha' style, where relief modelling is built up on the lacquered surface of the coiled basketry. Although the majority of the decoration is of floral and abstract design, prancing animals (probably mythical lions) made of 'thayo' lacquer putty can be seen chasing through the scrollwork in the bands that run around the belly of the vessel on both sides of the opening. The spired lid of the vessel, so reminiscent of the soaring outline of the Burmese pagoda, bears a 'hintha' bird set into it. Internally, the basketry, including the single surviving tray, is decorated with brilliant-red lacquer. Made of bamboo, lacquer, coloured glass, gold leaf; also gilded metal sheet and wood. One of a pair (see BM 1994.1116.2).

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