A two-sided slab carved in limestone: 1. Back (Knox 1992: cat. no.3): fragment of a fluted railing pillar (recut to make the drum slab on the reverse face) adorned with a half-lotus, a row of sea monsters (makaras), a garuda and naga, purnaghatas and a floral border. On the flat area below the sea monsters is a group of lightly engraved lotuses with heads hanging down. 2. Front (Knox 1992: cat. no.74): The drum-slab on the reverse face of this slab (originally part of an abandoned railing pillar) depicts a five headed naga in the gateway with narrative reliefs on the drum frieze and the dome. On the drum frieze are the First Sermon and The Enlightenment; on the ayaka panel the Elevation of the Head-dress flanked by the First Sermon and the Enlightenment, the Worship of a Pillar and the First Sermon; on the dome is the Birth of the Buddha, the Interpretation of the Dream, the Dream of Queen Maya, the Descent of the Buddha and a palace scene, possibly the Buddha in the Tusita heaven. .

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