Red lacquer and basketry offering vessel, 'hsun gwet' or 'hsun-ok'. It is constructed of bamboo basketry, which has been purposely left apparent on the main bowl between the ribs. There are twelve ribs, six short feet and five separate parts to the vessel, including a deep internal tray. The four stages of the vessel are all ridged and decorated above the ridge with a band of applied 'thayo' pressed from a mould. The first three stages have a band of twisted orchid sprays - 'thazin gway' -while the topmost vessel has a dogtooth design, or 'acheik'. Covering the vessel is a cinnabar red lacquer of good quality. A painted inscription on the top of the largest cover has been deliberately rubbed off by a later owner, but remains legible and clearly indicates the original use of the vessel. Made by Hsaya Hpyu in the 'thayo' (lacquer putty) technique.

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