Burmese folding and illustrated manuscript, a parabaik, made of locally-produced paper (the support) and thickened watercolour and gold paint (the illustrations). The title, in an ornamental hand, appears on the outer cover and indicates that it illustrates the residence of the noble, Khan Pat (at present, this individual has not been identified). There is a longer inscription on the first fold and then captions for each of the images thereafter. The scenes illustrated are in thirty-two folds and visually list the household and the degree of display allowed to a noble at the Burmese court (all scenes cover two folds and some three). In detail the individual paintings show – 1) plan of a palace (the caption says ‘Plan of Yun Thone Sat house’) 2) part-elevation and part-aerial view of the palace (‘Layout of the noble Khan Pat’s residence’. There is also a longer inscription on this page, but for this see consideration of the date, below) 3) barge (‘Ancient royal boat with high ornamental prow and stern in flying bird shape’) 4) drum orchestra (the instruments are listed) 5) umbrellas (‘Gold at the apex of the staff used by royalty and nobility as an emblem of rank .... red umbrella with three-tiered golden leaves of a banyan tree’) 6) regalia items (‘Velvet footwear, golden necklace [given as a present], three-tiered headdress, ceremonial golden hair-knot and part of the coronation regalia’) 7) swords and mounts (‘Thunder sword in black scabbard with a chain of royal jewels; tightly woven red woollen bag’) 8) betel equipment (‘Golden ornamental utensils for carrying betel box, lacquered casket for pickled tea-leaves [laphet], water goglet, spittoon, coconut-shaped container wrapped in red velvet, and a staff decorated with precious jewels’) 9) palanquin (‘Red-gold palanquin, normally carried on the shoulders of those in the service of the king’) 10) saddles (‘Different types of saddles which are normally reserved for Ministers’) 11) court dress (‘Minister’s gown with sash and ornamental ear-plugs’) 12) military dress (‘Sleeveless jacket worn by [senior] soldiers; coat worn by soldiers; full-skirted coat worn by soldiers; typical military helmet with a long spike on top and with protection for the cheek and the ears; front shield and back shield [sic]; helmet with flower design and stars in golden thread with ornamental pinnacle attached; waistband with golden flowers and a two-fringed golden hackle’).

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