'The Three Crosses'; Christ crucified between the two thieves, man holding spear and wearing tall urban on a horse directed to the right to the left of Christ, numerous figures mourning at right, a group of men standing in the left foreground, a rearing horse behind them, one figure wearing a turban walking towards the right; fourth state with signature and date no longer legible, with almost the entire plate redrawn, different horse and rider to the left of Christ, sky darkened, on the left and right, overshadowing the thief on the right, a rearing horse added on the left, most figures of the group of men in the left foreground removed, on of the men in the centre foreground removed, many of the mourners removed, redrawn or moved, before posthumous addition of the address of Frans Carelse in centre foreground. 1653 Drypoint and burin

An00104905 001 l

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