Chess set, carved and turned ivory, comprising sixteen white and sixteen stained red ivory pieces in the original papier mâché (carton pierre) box, as follows: White: b: king; c: queen; d-e: bishops; f-g: knights; h-i: rooks; j-q: pawns Red: r: king; s: queen; t-u: bishops; v-w: knights; x-y: rooks; z + aa-gg: pawns A number of pieces retain the original green paper labels printed with the diamond-shaped Design Registration mark for 1 March 1849, parcel no. 5 (white: knight g; pawns m and q; red: king and queen). One red and one white rook (h and y) bear an incised and stained black crown inside the top. The box rectangular, in the form of a gothic-style castle with four crenellated towers at the corners, the long sides with relief figures of a king, queen, two bishops and two knight within an arcade, the short sides with a chessboard. The base of the box covered with purple velvet with printed paper label which reads: 'THE STAUNTON CHESS-MEN REGISTERED NO. 58, 607, 5 & 6 VICTORIA, CAP. 100 IVORY SET, WITH "TEXT-BOOK" AND CARTON PIERRE BOX } £5 5 0 J. JAQUES ENTERED NO. 10 LONDON SIGNED H. Staunton' The signature at the bottom and the number '10' are in mnauscript. The name of the maker, 'J. Jaques London' is impressed. .

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