Earthenware mug with a loop handle; a bluish 'pearl-ware' glaze decorated with blue transfer print of vine-leaves and grapes inside and outside the rim and on handle. There are two printed images and inscriptions on the body. To the left of the title is a depiction of French Liberty: within a medallion is a man hanging from a lamp post to the right of Discord running over a prostrate body, a sword in her left hand and in her right a pole surmounted by two hearts between which is a severed head. There is an inscription below. To the right is a depiction of British Liberty: within a medallion is Britannia seated under a tree at the left by a shield bearing the Union Jack, her right hand resting on the Magna Charta and holding a pole surmounted by a cap of liberty. In her left hand she holds scales. In front of her is a lion and a sailing ship. There is an inscription below.

An00024318 001 l

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