Ciborium; copper alloy, enamel, glass, gilding. The body of the bowl is decorated in a lozenge pattern outlined by gilt bands, each band with two engraved lines at the borders, decorated with turquoise-coloured opaque glass beads in units of three and punctuated at the interstices with differently shaped and coloured glass cabochons. The lozenge pattern around the central body of the bowl is framed by a wide triangular lozenge in the uppermost register immediately below the rim, and a narrow triangular lozenge in the lowest register immediately above the foot. Within the three upper lozenges are reserved and engraved half-length figures of angels; those in the uppermost register with wings outstretched, those in the middle register with wings folded, those in the lower register with upright, crossed wings. The angels in the uppermost, middle and lower register are arranged in four pairs with heads turned to look at each other. Of the angels in the middle register, all except one hold a book in the left hand, and of these, four also have their right hand raised. In front of the breast of one angel is a large disc with a floriated cross. There is extensive loss of gilding throughout, but a certain amount of gilding remains within the engraved details of the angels and is especially noticeable in areas of the bands forming the lozenges. The enamel ground is of a single medium blue colour, while all the angels are nimbed in green and yellow with red accents, and rise from a calyx of red, white and blue. The reserved decoration comprises highly-stylised rinceaux, single hook-like motifs above the heads of the angles in the lower register, and at the lowest register, a stylized, upright fleur-de-lis motif. Around the rim is a band of engraved decoration composed of Kufic lettering. The rim is now pierced with four holes at opposite points, two with gilt-copper riveted attachment loops, one damaged and with losses. The foot, now missing its inner sleeve, consists of openwork foliage inhabited with four figures in short tunics, the figures with applied heads and glass eyes.

An00012213 001 l


G40 Medieval Gallery
Made Of
glass, enamel, copper alloy, gold
Type of Thing
plant, angel
gilded, engraved, enamelled


Acquired From
Upcher to The British Museum


Found In
In Gallery
Made In


Acquired In
Late Medieval

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