MAHOGANY CASED SPRING DRIVEN ASTRONOMICAL AND MUSICAL CLOCK [PEDESTAL NOT ORIGINAL]. : MOVEMENT: Massive 8-day, spring-driven, three-train movement, the back plate engraved with a foliate design with a basket of fruit, birds, shells and a Chinese pavilion. The time indication, the astronomical dial and the orrery are all driven by the going train. The clock strikes the hours and plays one of a selection of 12 tunes on 13 bells. Dead-beat escapement with later wood-rod pendulum. : DIALS The upper dial, is a heliocentric orrery consisting of six revolving concentric rings painted with gold stars against a dark blue background, each ring with a black and white sphere to represent one of the six planets known at the time [Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn]. Each with an engraved plate inscribed with the duration of its orbit. Around the outside, a fixed silvered-brass ring is engraved with the months, the date and the degrees and signs of the zodiac. The composite lower dial has an upper subsidiary dial with hours, minutes and centre-seconds. To the left a subsidiary dial shows the months and to the right a similar one shows the the time of high tide in a number of named locations. The lower main dial is a mechanical celestial planisphere which shows the relative positions of the earth, sun, moon and principal stars. : CASE Mahogany case with applied gilt-brass foliate mounts to the canted corners of the lower section and fluted canted corners with gilt-brass plinths and capitals on the upper section. The case has an inverted bell top with flaming-urn finials. Around the base of the top are cast gilt-brass panels decorated with putti and chariots in low relief. The upper side apertures [probably with pierced frets originally] are now filled with wood panels with applied, gilt-brass urns. The rear of the case with upper and lower glazed doors. On the right-hand side is a small silvered-brass setting dial engraved with the names of the tunes. The clock now stands on a purpose-built mahogany pedestal which utilizes the original gilt-brass feet and gilt-brass mounts taken from the clock case, the latter replaced with poor-quality copies cast from the originals.

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