GILT-BRASS AND SILVER CASED VERGE WATCH IN THE FORM OF A SCALLOP SHELL. : MOVEMENT FRAME: Shell-shaped gilt-brass plates with four baluster pillars. A potence-hole in the pillar-plate. Riveted potence with engraved decoration on the visible side. Riveted counter potence not original. A border of beading around the potence-plate. Engraved decoration around the verge aperture. : MAINSPRING & SET-UP: Gilt-brass barrel, probably replacement, with snap-in cap and riveted steel hook. A single hole for line attachment. There is now no gilding on the barrel wall. All the components of the ratchet and click set-up have been replaced. : FUSEE & STOP-WORK: Gilt-brass fusee for gut line and with standard stop-work. : TRAIN: Three wheel train, the gilt-brass wheels with three crossings. : ESCAPEMENT & BALANCE: Verge escapement, the balance and verge replaced. The crown wheel possibly replaced. Pinned-on balance cock pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls. The rear part of the foot now missing. : MOTION WORK/DURATION: Pinion of report: 4 Dial wheel: 36 Turns on fusee: 11 Duration: 14.6 hours approx. : DIAL & HAND: Shaped silver dial engraved around the outside with scrolling foliage. At the top a winged cherub's head and at the bottom, engraved fruits around the case catch. Applied gilt-brass chapter ring with Roman hours I-XII surrounding a half-hour circle. With the chapter ring the dial is engraved with a depiction of Christ and the Woman of Samaria ? Blued-steel hand not original. Case catch missing. : : CASE: Gilt-brass and silver case in the form of a scallop-shell. The gilt-brass band was originally covered with and applied silver band probably engraved with foliate scrolls etc. The band has since been gilded but the filed off rivets can still been seen either side of the pendant. Hinged silver lid and back with a fluted design of radiating beading. An engraved wreath on the inside of the lid and back. In the top of the band are four recesses for the lugs in the edge of the dial. Cast gilt-brass pendant with loose ring. Turned finial.

An00154743 001 l


Made Of
brass, gold, silver
Type of Thing
form watch, watch-case
gilded, engraved, cast


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