Brass and silver multi-component perpetual calendar medal consisting of three discs of virtually equal sizes secured in the centre by a rivet; with a protruding loop on the inner disc; cutaways on outer, revolving discs reveal data on inner disc; all incised. Revolving silver disc with cutaway along edge allowing partial view of data fields on lower obverse; a shaded laurel design along remaining edge; to left of cutaway, a central rectangular table of days of week, with a row of planetary symbols along its left edge and a foliate design further to the left; with images of sun face at left and crescent moon at right above and landscape with small house on hillside at left and tree at right (and tiny initials of issuer) below. Inner brass disc obverse with circular table in 31 fields numbered '1' to '31' along edge, viewed seven at a time through cutaway on upper obverse. Revolving silver disc with four concentric circles of brief inscriptions interrupted by two opposed cutaways revealing sections of corresponding data on lower reverse; issuer's name in outermost circle; flower in centre. Inner brass disc reverse with four concentric circles of inscriptions giving months, zodiac symbols, lengths of day and night, and times of sunrise and sunset, each divided into 12 segments, viewed six fields at a time: four on one side and two on the other, through cutaways on upper reverse and in conjunction with categories incised on either sides of those cutaways.

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