This gilt brass chalice serves as an altitude dial for telling the time of day. The outside of the chalice is plain, only the joint between the cup and the foot is decorated with a raised acanthus-leaf. The inner surface is engraved with eight curved lines for equal hours, the hour scale numbered I to VIII from the bottom to the top and IIII to XII in reverse order. A date scale, represented by symbols for the zodiacal signs (in pairs, clockwise from the hour scale: Cancer/Gemini; Leo/Taurus; Virgo/Aries; Libra/Pisces; Scorpio/Aquarius; Sagittarius/Capricorn) compensates for the fact that the solar altitude changes during the year. Every pair of signs is divided to 10°. The edge of the cup has a single degree scale. A vertical scale of solar altitudes runs from 0° to 65°, numbered by 5° and divided to 1°. The vertical spike acting as a gnomon situated at the centre of the cup is a replacement. The name of the maker and the date are engraved in a cartouche on the inner surface. Around the bottom of the inside of the cup is an inscription indicating the latitude for which the dial serves.

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