Pottery: black-figured 'Tyrrhenian' amphora: Designs black on red ground; no accessories. (a) Combat of warriors over a fallen warrior: The prostrate man has helmet, cuirass, greaves, sword, and shield by his side; over him strides a fully-armed warrior with short bound-up chiton, parameridia (armour on thighs), and Boeotian shield, defending him with spear. On the left a warrior to right (helmet, short chiton, greaves, sword-belt, shield, and spear), is about to transfix another, with long hair, high-crested helmet, short chiton, greaves, shield, and sword, whom he has beaten down on his knees. On the right is a warrior fleeing to right and looking back, with helmet, short embroidered chiton, greaves, sword, and shield; next, a similar warrior moving to right, thrusting with spear at a warrior prostrate to right, of whom the legs and part of the body (in a short chiton) are alone visible. On the extreme right the head of another warrior is visible, with high-crested helmet. (b) Athletic contests: On the left is a brabeus (arbitrator), bearded, in a himation; next to him, two wrestlers about to engage, the one on the left bearded; a bearded athlete to right with two leaping-poles, or spears for throwing, a similar athlete to right with halteres (weights used to aid momentum), leaping over eskammena (pegs fixed in the ground to mark the distance); a paidotribes (trainer) to left, bearded, in long chiton and himation, with staff, directing the movements of the last with right hand; a diskobolos (discus thrower) to right, bearded, with diskos in right hand, which he is about to throw. All the athletes are nude. Below, three friezes of animals: (1) Two Sirens confronted, each having one wing advanced; between them a palmette- and lotus-pattern, of Corinthian type (cf. B 24-25) behind each Siren a panther; at the back, a group of two swans flanked by panthers; on the left a swan to right preening itself, on the right a goat to left. (2) Sphinx to right, with one wing advanced, flanked by a cock and panther on either side; at the back a panther and ram confronting a similar pair. (3) Goat to right, on either side a lion; at the back a panther to right, on either side a ram; before the panther, a rosette.

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