Pottery: red-figured hydria. Combat of a Greek with two Amazons. The warrior strides forward on the right with shield (triple border of dots) advanced and sword drawn back: he is beardless, and wears a helmet and a mantle falling from his shoulders. Two Amazons advance against him. The foremost, mounted on a horse, brandishes a spear against him: the other strides forward, aiming with a curved Scythian bow: each wears an embroidered tunic over a jacket and trousers of a patterned fabric, boots, and a kidaris over her long hair. The mounted one has a panther skin for saddle cloth: above the horse's head a bird flies vertically downwards, with feet towards the spectator: and beneath the horse's fore feet lies a pelta, badly drawn. Much broken, and surface damaged, but design fairly complete. Later stage of fine style. Around the neck is a wreath with raised berries which were probably gilt.

An00478863 001 l


Made Of
Type of Thing
amazon, amazonomachy, battle
Red figure


Acquired From
Hamilton, William to The British Museum
Influenced By
Near Group G


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