Pottery: red-figured pelike. (a) Artemis slaying a stag (Elaphebolos). Artemis, in a bordered Doric chiton schistos with apoptygma and girdle, earrings, and a sphendone, rushes toright, seizing the deer by its left ear and pulling it back on its haunches, while with right uplifted she brandishes a torch as if it were a spear. On the right Nike, with short wavy hair, a mantle loosely hanging around her body and over her left arm, and shoes, flies in the air to right, looking back and placing her right hand as if holding a wreath (not shown) on the head of Artemis. On the right Apollo, a beardless figure with long wavy hair, stands in three-quarter face to right, holding upright in his left a long laurel staff with leaves at top, and looking round to left; he leans his left arm on his mantle, which is laid on rising ground (ground-line not shown). On the left, on a higher level, Zeus is seated to left, a bearded man with long hair and a mantle which leaves his breast bare, holding upright in his right hand a sceptre. He turns his head to look at the central scene. (b) Two draped ephebi to right and one to left; in the field a bait (?). Late fine style. White, with yellowish-brown details, on red ground, is used for the flesh of Nike and for the deer. Brown inner markings. Eye in profile. Below and round the lip, a continuous band of egg pattern; above each side, a strip of the same, which above a is surmounted by a band of billet pattern. Below each handle, a palmette on one inverted, with short tendrils.

An00015028 001 l


Made Of
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mammal, hunting/shooting, classical deity
Red figure


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St Agata dei Goti
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