Pottery: red-figured alabastron. (a) A woman in long chiton, bordered himation and fillet; with a bushy fringe of hair all round her head, stands to left, holding up in right towards her face a flower. On left is a small diphros. Her himation has two large weights attached to the ends. On the right is inscribed, ΑΦPOΔΙΣΙΑ KAΛE, 'Αφροδισία καλή. On the left, ΤΟΣΔΟΚΕΙ EV+ΙΡΌ, Τως (for όντως) δοκεΐ Έύχ(έ)ίρϖ. (b) A girl in long chiton and mantle, with short hair hanging to her neck in a straight thick mass, wreathed, standing to left, holding out in her right an alabastron hanging to a strap, with three cords attached to the neck. On the right, ΕΡΟΣΑΝΘΕΟ KAΛE, Έρωσανθέω καλή. On the left, ΗΟΠΑΙΣ KAΛΟΣ, ό παις καλός. Round the mouth of the vase is inscribed, on red ground, ΑΦPOΔΙΣΙΑ KAΛE, Αφροδισία καλή. The vase has in place of handles two small projections coloured purple; the body is divided into two fields by strips of pattern (alternate maeander and red cross square), which pass through these and join two other strips encircling the vase; the upper strip is the same as the vertical; the lower, tongue pattern. Purple wreath, fillet, flower, cord of alabastron, and inscriptions in design. Brown upper folds of chiton, edge of hair, and necklace. Eye archaic, lids close together. The lower part of the chiton has no folds indicated. The treatment of the hair in (a) is unusual, a broad fringe of wavy hair around the head, indicated by irregular strokes of brown.

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