Pottery: red-figured squat lekythos. Nike erecting a trophy. In the centre a youthful warrior is seated on a mantle spread on high ground beside his shield; he has long hair and wears a helmet with visor and cheek-pieces; he holds out in his right hand a sword in its scabbard towards a tree-trunk on the right, which is already decorated with a short chiton, a cuirass and a shield seen in foreshortening; a spear pointing obliquely downwards is attached to the right shoulder, and a conical helmet rests on the top. This helmet is being nailed in position by Nike, who advances from the right, holding the nail in her left and brandishing the hammer in her right; she wears a long chiton and bracelets, and her hair is knotted behind. On the left a woman leans forward with her left foot on rising ground, holding in each hand a greave decorated with a spiral; she wears a long chiton, a necklace, bracelets, and a saccos decorated over the forehead with an ornament. Beneath her, a plant with fruits, and between Nike and the trophy a long tendril with spirals rises from the ground. Graceful drawing. The flesh of Nike and the woman is painted white with brown details, on the red ground; their drapery and the wings of Nike have been rendered in some colour applied to the red ground now lost. Gilding, on a raised surface, is used for jewellery, details of the greaves, helmet worn by the warrior, sword-hilt, spear-head, shield, hammer and nail, the hair-band of Nike, and the plant with fruit; also the berries of the olive-wreath on the shoulder, and the centres of the palmettes under the handle. Purple (faded) is used for the shaft of the spear and the sword-belt, and the ground-lines. Below, a continuous band of egg pattern; round the neck, tongue pattern.

An00019172 001 l


Made Of
pottery, gold
Type of Thing
squat lekythos
warrior, classical deity, arms/armour
gilded, relief, painted
Red figure


Found In
In Gallery
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