Pottery: black-figured Panathenaic amphora. Designs black on red panels, very carefully executed. (a) Athene to left, between two Doric columns, with long hair tied in a club and curls in front; necklace, long embroidered chiton with folds indicating rapid movement, patterns of stars and spiral border down front, aegis with scale-pattern and snake-border on front and back, left foot raised, on left arm a bracelet; helmet decorated with border of maeander, and palmette over the ear; shield with device of a wheel in white. Two inscriptions. (b) Four athletes, nude and bearded, engaged in the pentathlon, moving to right; on the left is one with arms raised, holding halteres painted white, about to leap; the next is about to hurl a spear which he holds by the amentum, his left hand raised; next, a diskobolos, with diskos painted white in right hand, left hand raised; lastly, another figure with left hand raised, holding by the amentum in right hand a spear pointed downwards.

An00009266 001 l


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Campanari to The British Museum
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Attributed to Euphiletos Painter


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