Pottery: black-figured column-krater. Rough style. Designs in black on red panels, with borders of ivy down the sides; accessories of white and purple. On the top, as last; round the lip, maeander. (a) Sacrifice to Hermes: On the right, a terminal figure of Hermes, ithyphallic and bearded, with long tresses; behind it a wreath is suspended; before it is an altar with a fire blazing on it. On the other side of the fire stands a youth wearing a myrtle wreath and short purple chiton, roasting part of a goat on a spit; at his side is a lebes, and behind, a table, on which are other parts of the victim, which another youth to right, wearing a myrtle-wreath and short embroidered chiton, is cutting up with a knife. Beneath the table is the goat's head, and hanging up above are two haunches. (b) Combat of two warriors, possibly Achilles and Memnon: The warrior on the left has long tresses, visored helmet, shield, sword, and spear; the other has visored helmet, short bordered chiton, greaves, sword, and shield on which are four pellets, one in the centre, the other three are surrounded by crescents; he attacks the other with spear. Between them at their feet is an inverted palmette, with volutes. Behind each is a female figure (Thetis and Eos?) with long tresses, fillet, long diapered chiton, and embroidered himation; the one on the left stands to right with right hand raised; the other one is turned to right and looks back.

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