Pottery: black-figured hydria. Design in black on red panels, divided by network, with borders of palmettes down the sides and along the bottom; accessories of white and purple. 1. On the shoulder: Heracles strangling the Nemean lion: the conception in the usual style for the scene; Heracles is nude. Suspended above are his bow, quiver, sword, club, and two garments. On the left is Athene to right, with long hair, high-crested helmet, aegis with scales and snakes, long embroidered chiton, spear and shield with three pellets. Behind her is Hermes to right, bearded, with petasos, short chiton and chlamys, both embroidered, endromides, and wand in right hand. On the right is Iolaos to left, bearded, in short chiton, with sword and club. 2. On the body: Harnessing of horses to a quadriga: A quadriga to right, into which a bearded warrior is stepping, with goad in right hand and reins in both; he has cuirass, short embroidered chiton, greaves, and Boeotian shield at back with three pellets as device. Two of the horses are already harnessed, and the charioteer, bearded, in long white chiton with folds shown by wavy lines, and petasos, is adjusting the fastenings; by his side is a dog to right. A third horse, probably the παράσειρος (horse harnessed loosely to another), is behind him, about to be harnessed; the fourth horse on the near side is omitted. By the further side of the chariot is an archer to right, bearded, with long hair, peaked cap, and embroidered jerkin and trousers. At the horses' heads is a warrior to left with high-crested helmet, greaves, two spears, and shield with device of a snake. Underneath the vase are incised characters.

An00020311 001 l


Made Of
Type of Thing
warrior, dog, charioteer/chariot, classical deity
painted, incised
Black figure


Found In
In Gallery
Made In


Acquired In
Archaic Greek, Attic

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