Pottery: black-figured hydria. Designs in black on red panels, with borders of ivy down the sides and chain of palmettes along the bottom; accessories of white and purple, the white partly repainted. 1. On the shoulder: In the centre, Eris flying to right, in archaic running attitude, looking back; she has long hair and a short embroidered chiton. On the left is a bearded male figure to left, looking back, in long chiton and himation, with two branches in left hand; facing him, Ariadne (?) seated to right, with long hair, long chiton and himation; behind her, Dionysos (?) seated to right, looking back, bearded, and wrapped in a himation, with keras in left hand. On the right of Eris is Hermes standing to right, looking back, in a short chiton, with chlamys, petasos, endromides, wand in left hand; on either side of him a female figure similar to Ariadne; the one on the left is seated to right turned back towards Eris, with hands held out to a branch; the other seated to left looking towards Hermes' right hand, which points to Eris. 2. On the body: Hydrophoria: In the centre is a building with a centre pilaster and two Ionic columns with purple necking and white abaci; above is a pediment running up into the design on the shoulder of the vase with volutes at the ends, and a white circular disk in the centre; on the architrave are metopes painted white. The centre pilaster is painted with, a black and white lozenge-pattern; on either side is a projecting lion's head, from which water is pouring into hydriae standing on bases. By each hydria stands a maiden holding out her hands toward the fountain, in long chiton and himation, her hair bound up with a sphendonè and opistho-sphendonè, with a pad on the top to support the hydria. On either side are two maidens departing, carrying hydriae on pads on their heads; they have long hair, fillets, long embroidered chitons and himatia; one of each pair holds a flower. In the field, imitation inscriptions.

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