1) Lost wax casting in gold of a flat uni-facial star-shaped pendant (awisiado/ewisiado) with a raised conical boss, decorated with repoussé work. The boss is embellished with six raised loops that are situated vertically with the wider ends towards the base. The boss is surrounded by a concentric circle which is enclosed by a repoussé work sixteen-lobed circle. The main ground is decorated with a symmetrical pattern of repoussé work scrolls interspersed with foliage. The border consists of five concentric circles of narrow width decorated with alternating plain circles and circles decorated with incised parallel lines and zig-zag patterns. The rim has a corolla of twenty evenly-spaced points projecting outwards from its outer edge, all of which are surmounted by a hollow cast gold finial, and decorated with a series of internally nested triangles, some of which are decorated with incised lines. The two rectangular section suspension lugs have been cut or flattened in order to secure the disc, by means of a bolted screw to the underside of the dish which it now forms an integral part of. 2) The silver gilt dish has bands of concentric decoration comprising elaborate applied relief motifs and gadrooning. The inner border of foliate ornament has been specially designed to echo the motifs on the disc pendant.

An00124818 001 l


In Series
Asante Gold
Made Of
silver, gold
Type of Thing
dish, soul disc, pendant
repoussé, incised, lost-wax cast, gilded


Acquired From
Coram Wright, J to The British Museum
Previous Owner
Kofi Kakari
Garrard & Co, R & S


Found In
Royal Palace
In Gallery
Made In
London, Asante Region


Acquired In
19thC early, 1874

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