Digital photograph (colour); view of engraved rock art on a rock face (sandstone), showing two human figures, four cows, an oval shape and around fifty cupules. Left: outlined (polished) cow upright facing right. Forelegs and head partially eroded by outlined and infilled (polished) oval. Within cow’s hindquarters: outlined (polished) human figure seated facing right (foetus?). Centre: outlined (polished) cow upright facing right. Body and head partially eroded by superimposed, outlined (polished) woman upright facing right, headdress, skirt, armlets. Arm to the right bent up, arm to the left bent down. Area around woman polished. Right: two outlined (polished) cows upright facing right, horns curved forward. Pastoral period. Lower row: at least fifty cupules distributed from left to right. A 10 cm photo scale has been fitted at the bottom of the tableau. Wadi In Aramas area, Messak Settafet, Fezzan province, Libya. Scanned


Place Depicted
Wadi In Aramas


Acquired In
08 October 2009

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