Half octagon with reliefs of the Gods of the Week, probably from a Jupiter column base. As it survives the piece represents three full niches, containing frontal busts set against a curved background between flat piers, and two half panels. The figures have broad, oval faces which bear traces of regular features, now largely obscured by weathering. From the viewer's left panels are: 1) (Half) Unworked. 2) Venus (Friday). Her hair is in a bushy style, and there are traces of a robe draped over her left shoulder. Her left arm hangs at her side; in her right hand she holds a round mirror against her left breast. 3) Jupiter (?) (Thursday). This seems to be a male figure (shorter hair) in the heroic nude. 4) Mercury (Wednesday). Wears a ? short cloak, the folds of which are clear at the neck. Facial features detectable. He holds a caduceus (of a simplified form) against his left shoulder. 5) (Half) Mars (Tuesday). The attribute of a long spear is the sole identifying feature as most of the figure, and the right-hand side of the niche, have been lost in the re-cutting of the stone. There is no indication that the background is curved as in the other niches, although it is recessed to varying depths. Grooves outline the busts.

An00135459 001 l


G49 Roman Britain
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classical deity


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Great Chesterford
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